A Gnome Story: Adventures with Murphy McWoo

A Gnome Story is Michelle’s first children’s book. While she has never seen a garden gnome come to life nor does she know any fairies; that hasn’t stopped her from imagining a world where sneaky gnomes and beautiful fairies might exist. She hopes this book inspires you to create characters and tales of your own!

A Gnome Story was illustrated by Hanna Piepel. You can find information on her creative projects here.

Within Central Iowa, you can find paperback copies of A Gnome Story at the following shops: Beaverdale Books, Plot Twist Bookstore, and Treasure House.


About A Gnome Story

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At just two feet tall, Murph is the strangest of sights.

He wears one pointy hat and some colorful tights.

A garden gnome comes to life for two imaginative young sisters.

Little and big minds alike will enjoy this tale of finding your own creativity.