2019 Book Announcements

I am excited to announce that I have two new books available just in time for spring break! Paperbacks will be at Beaverdale Books, Plot Twist Bookstore, and Treasure House before the end of the month. Please contact them directly to request a copy. Please note: You can purchase these new releases at my upcoming events!

My First-Ever Children’s Book

I have wanted to write a children’s book ever since an elementary teacher wrote at the top of my creative writing story: Michelle, you should be a children’s book author! After my cover designer said she wanted to design a children’s book about gnomes—but just needed a story—it became clear that the time had come to go after another dream. I went home and wrote the first draft of A Gnome Story that night. It is a tale of two sisters who imagine the shenanigans of a garden gnome. The story is about the joy of creating and storytelling. I was inspired by the pass-it-on stories I did with my classmates way back in grade school. I remember it as one of my favorite activities, so much so that my daughters and I often tell and write them now, taking turns to create something magical of our very own together. Below is the beautiful cover, illustrated by local artist Hanna Piepel.

Read the synopsis and find purchase links for A Gnome Story: Adventures with Murphy McWoo here. Teachers: A Writing Sheet to go along with the book is also available for download.


Novel Number 5

Along with A Gnome Story, I am also publishing my fifth novel, The Way of Lessons. This story grew initially out of my love of those I know within the teaching profession, as well as those outside the profession who work tirelessly to make society a better place for all, whether it’s in their communities advocating for social change or through helping a friend during a tough time. Below you will find the cover for The Way of Lessons.

Read the synopsis and find purchase links for The Way of Lessons here.

Michelle Schlicher